The TORNADO Path through RED Pride


The concept of RED Pride promotes improvement in student behavior across the entire school. It provides administrators, teachers, and students with tools they need to achieve a more cohesive school environment and provide a better understanding of specific problems on campus. Red Pride is the result of the implementation of Positive Behavior Support at Bay High School and represents the school-wide expectations at BHS. It is defined using the acronym.


RED Pride is Respectful, Engaged, Dependable, Pride

Respectful: To show concern or consideration for self, others, and property. Displaying behavior that help people feel calmer, safer, friendlier, and more cooperative.

Engaged: The commitment to be actively involved by meeting the ongoing challenges that will impact your school, community, and future.

Dependable: Worthy of trust by being responsible for one's actions through task completion, promptness, and preparedness.

Pride: To feel you are a valued member of the school and community, continuing the Bay High Legacy.


Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts

WHAT DOES RED PRIDE LOOK LIKE AT BAY? • The school has a small number of clearly stated expectations for success

• Teachers and staff are able to state and use the expectations

• Students are taught the expectations

• Everyone understands which behaviors are managed in the classroom and which are managed by administrators

• Students and faculty will be reinforced for appropriate behavior

• Consistent expectations, rewards, and consequences will result in higher academic achievement

• Positive reinforcement will be used to increase the likelihood of an appropriate behavior occurring again

• Promotion of family and community involvement

Positive Reinforcement Opportunities for Students - Bay High students will be reinforced for exceptional displays of RED Pride either as groups or as individuals. Individual students may earn/win the following with RED Pride Recognition tickets through either redemption and/or drawings. Preferred parking spaces, leadership opportunities, free game tickets, RED Pride T-shirts, flexible dress code reward days, and other privileges or rewards. RED Pride = Positive Behavior Support



It is the desire of the media center staff that students have successful experiences in the media center while at Bay High School. The following policies and procedures are designed to ensure the availability of materials and facilities for everyone.


LIBRARY HOURS - The library is open from 7:35 am to 3:05 pm each day. Students may use the library:

• before school

• during lunch

• when an entire class is scheduled by a teacher

AVAILABILITY OF MATERIALS - Books from the general collection may be checked out for three weeks. Reference books, reserve books, magazines and other materials may be checked out for overnight use.

• Deficiencies must be cleared before a student is allowed to check out additional materials.

• Printing is 25 cents per black and white pages.

OTHER SERVICES - Internet access is available. Students must have an authorization form on file, signed by the students and their parents, acknowledging Bay District School Board policy regarding use of the Internet.

• Word processing (Microsoft Word) is available on all computers.

• An automated catalog, Destiny, contains the library's resources.

CONDUCT IN THE MEDIA CENTER - The same standards of conduct are expected in the media center as in an orderly classroom. An atmosphere of quick, purposeful activity is necessary in order to accomplish meaningful work and enjoyment of the media center. No food or drink is allowed in the media center!

TEXTBOOKS - All textbooks normally used in this high school are those of state adoption. Such textbooks are charged to this school and must be accounted for. When a book is issued to the students it becomes his/her responsibility to take care of that book and to reimburse the school for any unnecessary defacing or for the loss of the book. A student who has a deficiency for any textbooks must make arrangements with the office to clear for such textbook deficiency. The school principal will collect for lost, destroyed, or damaged instructional material. A student or the student's parent shall remit the full purchase price of any instructional material lost, destroyed, or damaged by a student regardless of the age or condition of the instructional material.

FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS - A student who has a deficiency (textbook, club fees, dues, etc.) will not be issued a parking decal for the current school year or a report card at the end of the year until the deficiency has been cleared.




Only Juniors and Seniors may leave campus for lunch with consent form from the student's parent or guardian. A notarized form filled out and signed by the parent or guardian must be submitted in order to leave campus for lunch, the student must meet the following criteria.

1. The student has a 2.0 grade point average with no failing grades.

2. The student has maintained an attendance record with no unexcused absences. Absences will not be changed at the end of the grading period unless it is determined that the school was in error.

3. The student has maintained a discipline record or no suspensions.

4. The student has passed all FSA requirements or earned the concordant score on the ACT or SAT.

5. Pay for and obtain Off Campus Badge.

If the student's GPA falls below a 2.0, has unexcused absences or is suspended, his/her campus leave will be suspended for 9 weeks. Students must show each day proof in the form of a badge or ID card that they are in fact eligible to leave campus at lunch. Students who take underclassmen or students not approved to leave campus will lose their privilege to leave campus.



BAY HIGH STUDENT PARKING - In order for students to park in "Student Designated Parking Areas" they must understand that along with owning a car goes the responsibility to obey all laws. The speed limit is 5 mph in parking lot. Students are not to park their vehicle in parking spaces designated "NO PARKING", belonging to businesses adjacent to the school, in teacher/staff parking areas on 12th Street, anywhere along 13th Street, or block a driveway, or park in any area other than designated student parking. This may result in the vehicle being towed at owner's expense. Driving a vehicle to school is a privilege, not a right. There are a limited number of parking spaces available. Any student driving to school must have a registration form completed and approved. Driving and parking at school without the proper authorization may result in disciplinary action, a ticket, or having your car towed. Each student who desires to acquire a parking space on campus at Bay High School shall meet the following qualifications:

• Be a Junior or Senior before the beginning of the School Year.

• Pay a $15.00 fee per year(non-refundable if privilege is revoked)

• Have a valid Florida Driver's License and proof of car insurance.

• Must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the previous School Year.

• Must maintain a good attendance record.

• May not have been suspended ( in-school or out-of-school for the previous school year).

• Must have cleared all deficiencies (e.g., textbooks, uniforms, club dues and monies, library books, etc.)

If a student does not meet these qualifications, he/she will not receive a parking assignment. Any student who receives an in-school or out-of-school suspension during the school year may lose his/her parking space. Any student receiving a parking space may lose that privilege for any and all types of disciplinary issues (e.g., suspension, deficiencies, etc.). An appeal board of students and staff will review appeals. Appeals will be filed for revoked parking only. Appeals must be filed with Student Services by the last Monday of each month in order to be reviewed the following month. 

In addition, no student may loiter in or around vehicles in the parking areas. Students shall not occupy vehicles during class hours, between classes, during lunch, or before or after school, except as they arrive and leave for the school day. The principal shall cooperate with law enforcement officers, and any student who receives a citation for a traffic violation while traveling to or from school, or who is known to be operating a vehicle in such a manner as to endanger his/her own safety or that of others may be directed by the principal not to drive a vehicle to school. Any student violating such a directive shall be subject to suspension or dismissal from school.

If a student fails to observe the procedures herein, the principal may revoke his/her privilege of driving a vehicle to school for an appropriate period of time. Any vehicle parked on School Board property in violation of any procedures outlined herein may be towed at the owners expense. Violation of School Board policies or rules may result in the loss of a student's parking privilege.

All parking spots are distributed on a first-come first-served basis. After school detention will be assigned if the students park on school grounds without a permit or park in prohibited areas such as the teacher parking lots and the athletic parking lot located behind the gym. Students may not go to their vehicles during the school day without administrative permission.



In addition to meeting the above criteria all athletes may have the opportunity to choose parking in the Athletic lot. The order of issuing permits will be as follows and will occur on a first come basis:

• Seniors who have lettered

• Senior cheerleaders

• Juniors who have lettered

• Seniors with a signed form from their coach/sponsor

• Juniors with a signed form from their coach/sponsor



Students will have seven (7) minutes from the end of the school to board buses. For safety reasons students will not be allowed to board buses once the bus starts to move. Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus.


All students who ride a bus must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner so as to ensure safety. Failure to do so could result in suspension of bus riding privileges for an appropriate period of time. The following minimum penalties shall be applied for violations of school bus rules. (School Board Policy 7.314). If warranted the penalties for the first three referrals may be bypassed and more severe penalties imposed.

First Referral - Warning or loss of bus riding privileges for three (3) days.

Second Referral - Conference with parent or loss of bus riding privileges for three (3) days.

Third Referral - Loss bus riding privileges for three (3) to five (5) days.

Fourth Referral - Loss of bus riding privileges for five (5) to ten (10) days or recommendation of expulsion from bus transportation for the remainder of the semester.

Fifth Referral - Recommendation of expulsion from bus transportation for the remainder of the year.



Information regarding Bay District Schools Policy and response to pandemic procedures can be found HERE.



Florida Statute 1006.61 requires that each school post a notice that "pursuant to chapter 39, all employees and agents of the district school board have an affirmative duty to report all actual or suspected cases of child abuse, abandonment or neglect; have immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith; and have a duty to comply with child protective investigations and all other provisions of law relating to child abuse, abandonment, and neglect.

Florida Statute 1012.799 requires instructional or administrative personnel having knowledge that a sexual battery has been committed by a student upon another student must report the offense to law enforcement, regardless of whether or not the sexual battery occurred on school property.

The statewide toll-free telephone number of the central abuse hotline is 1-800-962-2873



Students who have lost or found articles should check in the Attendance Office.


Students are subject to all Bay District School policies as outlined by the Code of Conduct found by clicking HERE.


Bay High School Students will follow the District Student Dress Code Policy found HERE.

First Offense: change of inappropriate attire

Second Offense: notification of parent or guardian; change of inappropriate attire

Third Offense: may include one or more, but are not limited to:

A. notification of parent or guardian 

B. change of inappropriate attire  

C. one to three days of in-school or out-of-school suspension


Fourth and Subsequent Offenses are considered willful disobedience which will result in further disciplinary action, which may include but are not limited to out of school suspension or expulsion requiring re-entry conference with parent/guardian and administration. Any absence resulting from a violation of the Student Dress Code will be considered an unexcused absence. Change of inappropriate attire will result in confiscation of item and can be picked up at the designated spot after dismissal. If a student does not return a clothing item that day, they may return the clothing the following morning before school. If inappropriate attire can not be corrected, student will be removed from classroom and placed by administration in ISS until parent/guardian can bring appropriate change of clothing. Hats and caps may not be worn inside. Scarves will be allowed as long as they do not reflect gang affiliation.



Personal Electronic Mobile Devices (PEMD) may only be used BEFORE school, AFTER school, or AT lunch.

Devices are brought to school at the student’s own risk.  Bay High School is not responsible for loss, damage, theft. Students who desire to use a PEMD must have a signed AUP on file. Students may only use the Bay District WiFi network. Disruption, violating others’ rights, cheating, unauthorized recording, use for pornographic reasons, or non-compliance with teacher/staff directions will be cause for confiscation.

First Offense: warning by classroom teacher. Item must be put away.

Second Offense: classroom teacher will confiscate item. Student must sign form in order to pick up device at dismissal of class. Teacher will note in student documentation.

Third Offense: confiscation of item. Administration will come to retrieve the device. Student must sign form in the attendance office after 3:01PM that same day. Student may not retrieve during school hours. ISS as determined by Administration.

Fourth Offense: confiscation of item. Administration will come to retrieve the device. Custodial parent/guardian must sign form in attendance office to pick up item. ISS as determined by Administration.

Fifth and Subsequent Offenses: item confiscated and Discipline Referral resulting in additional consequences as determined by administrator.  Student and parent/guardian required to attend a mandatory re-entry meeting after 5th offense.



                                            District BDS Non-Discrimination Policy Click HERE




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